Where is Your Special Place gives an indepth description of how one feels while at the beach, or when at home in their own "quiet place."

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Where is your special place? To some it's a hard question when it really shouldn't be. Where do you feel real peace of mind? Where do you feel happy and joyous? Where can you go just to sit down and concentrate on thoughts of delight instead of worrying about the death and destruction caused by others? Where's your special place? I'll tell you mine.

It's nighttime and darkness is starting to set in. The air is crisp and calm, whispering a sweet lullaby, the beach quiet and relaxing. A spontaneous crab hurries on his way to get back home. Lying there on my soft blanket, the sand caving in to make the perfect shape of my body, I look up into the remote distance. How vast and wondrous the sky is! Just listen, the waves crash onto the water's edge. Further down the shore I can hear them beckoning me as they hurtle themselves onto the cliffs.

It appears that the sun has just set. What a beautiful sight, an artist has his spilled paints across the sky. All the oranges, reds, and yellows flow together to create a stunning picture that dives into the horizon. It is as if it keeps going on forever, the world will never end, as that line appears where the sky meets the cool blue water.

I hear the faint sound of a boat's horn out there in that magnificent beyond. I sit there pondering how it might look to those men and women who have the pleasure to be out there. The lapping of waves, the sway of the boat all part of their wonderful experience. I can only imagine what their view must be, the sun reflecting off the mountains, the picturesque harvest moon raising from the mist. How jealous I am!...