Write the summary, reaction and what you believe is the expansionist response to Roxanna Robertson's article- "Watching As The World Vanishes"

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Global warming and the extinction of the Earth's population have begun. Everyone knew about it but no one did anything concerning the matter, not even those who were affected, nor those who weren't. The proof has been there for decades but no one acknowledged it. Even with the growing evidence, people have decided to distance themselves from it, as long as it did not affect them. There will always be others who will do it for us, fix it, and make it all go away.

But, the thing is, that, if the humans continue with the consumption at this pace, by the end of this century one half of the species may be extinct. The current rate of extinctions is at least 1000 times higher that the natural level. What people need to understand is that these species are important to us. They are important to us because they provide us with oxygen, food, medicine; all of these species have a special purpose, special role in our lives, and we wouldn't be able to survive without them.

One of the smart things to do would be to cut off the use of fossil fuels and reduce green house gases; but people are just not ready to give up on their current lifestyles in order to make a change. Why would we care if some bird has lost its flock, if we still have our jobs and food on the table?

The use of fossil fuels has caused climate to change, creating terrible storms, earthquakes, etc.

We are gradually destroying the planet that nourishes us, and finally, there will be nothing left.




Ms Robertson has a very clear view of what is happening to our environment, and by this article she is trying to make a difference.

I find this article very strong, very powerful, and it makes me start thinking. Makes me start wondering how did we manage to destroy our planet so much? How can we keep destroying something that gives us the most precious thing in the whole world- our life. I strongly agree with this entire article, and why, well, simply because, each day, in the past few years, I have witnessed people becoming more and more selfish, and way too preoccupied with material things. And, it makes me angry, it makes me angry to see how people do not care about something they cannot live without.

Do I care about albacore tuna? Of course I do, simply because, one day this tuna may be the cure for my grandchild. If we didn't need all these other species, than why are they there at all? If we didn't need them, they wouldn't be here at all, right? Humans need to understand that every living being needs another living being in order to function properly, normally. But since we do not seem to understand this concept, than, the inevitable is bound to happen.

Every day science provides us with more proof, but no one seems to care. People will not move their finger and do something about it until it has finally affected them directly. But it does affect us directly. And as it affects us, we affect it also. We are suffocating this planet, and it is just a matter of time when it will finally "suffocate" us. The Earth has a "cleansing cycle" on every nth number of years- dinosaurs, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes- and according to the scientists, the next cycle should have already happened, and thus, we are living on "borrowed" time.

As much as we are pretending that we don't see it, we do, and deep down, we are all scared. But I guess it is in the human nature to suffer- "Without pain, there would be no suffering, without suffering we would never learn from our mistakes. To make it right, pain and suffering is the key to all windows, without it there is no way of life."- (Angelina Jolie, American actress)

But even though I find this article "stimulating", and it makes me feel like an extreme environmentalist, I must admit that deep down, maybe not even that deep, if it comes to me or other species, I would without a doubt choose my wellbeing over everything else. It all comes down to the point that we are all superficial.

An article like this is very hard to respond to without contradicting your own opinion.

In the end, I find it proper to use this old Latin quote: "Quod Me Nutrit Me Destruit" or "What Nourishes Me Destroys Me."


Expansionist's Response

In my opinion, the two areas to which the expansionist would object are:

1. The rate of specie extinction that has jumped 1000 times higher than the natural:

In the eyes of expansionist, it doesn't matter how many species of animals die out as long as they have food on their table everyday. As long as they have coats on their backs, shoes on their feet; and it does not matter how they got it nor how many animals have died for that pleasure. Why care if all the crocodiles are murdered; all they do is lie in the water and attack people. So why wouldn't we just kill them and make us some good purses and shoes?!!?!

So what if we hunt animals for fun, scientists can always keep one, clone it and artificially fertilise it, etc.

2. What will we tell our children?

Why would we care about what we will tell our children or our children's children, the most important thing is that we take advantage of the moment, seize everything we ever wanted, become filthy rich and then go on and be "happy." Why would we take away from our mouth for the future generations and that way deprive ourselves from all the benefits and joys life brings us?! I want everything to be superb in my lifetime, and later on I will not care because I will not be there to witness it.

So why not take advantage of everything now and do not care about tomorrow?