Write a journal entry of a subordinate group member. A Journal Entry of a Native American Female

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I am grateful I was able to learn to read and write so well. I am sure I was the best in my class; my teacher awarded me this journal many years ago. I write in this journal and track all the events of my life. Today is a wonderful and warm day; I can sit here and write. I grew up on the river Potomac. Not everyone from my tribe could read or write English. I was able to learn because of my friend Pocahontas, her father is our chief and many of our villages respect and listen to him.

Pocahontas is the child the chief is specially fond of. The chief thinks so much of her that once when she was 10 or 12 the chief was going to kill a white man named John Smith. Pocohontas flung herself over him and begged her father not to kill him.

After her father spared him, Pocahontas and I would go to James Town and play with the children, that is where I met Anna. Anna is one of my friends now. she taught me to read and write. I told my parents that I would be able to help with trades among the white men and they allowed me to learn. Pocahontas was tricked and kidnapped by the white man. The white man sent a message to the chief to release prisoners and return some tools and Pocahontas would be returned unharmed. When the chief returned the prisoners, and some tools, Pocahontas was not returned because the white man said not all the tools were returned.

Pocahontas, I learned was also upset her father did not come with the party sent for her. I was told she wanted to stay and marry a Mr. Rolfe. I was also told...