What would you do if your salesman sold top-of-the-range goods to a small client, and replyed to your critique:" They asked for it. I'm a salesman. Not a goddamn guardian."

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As a sales manager at Zirmcom, I would want to make profit whilst at the same time have many loyal customers. The conflict arises when you have to decide on what is more important to you- building long-term relationships with clients or making profit no matter who your clients are. Or, even manage to operate both of these segments successfully.

Since Zirmcom is a company that markets a range of accountancy software, it means that its primary goal is to sell the products of the producers to the customers and make profit.

In this case, I would think that Mr. Villers has done a good job. He as a salesman is there to present our product to the customers, to show all its benefits, and explain to the customer why that product would be good for him/her. He is not there to tell the customers that they do not want that product, especially if the product is our top-of-the-range most expensive one, as in this case.

On the contrary, his duty is to try and persuade the customer, in any way possible, that that product is what he/she really wants and desires. Please do note that I am not using the word need here, but instead, want and desire, which do not have anything to do with customers' needs. When making a product and marketing it, than it is important to think of our customers' needs. Needs are something we are born with, need is something for what we really have a necessity, like a need to eat or drink. But desires are something we acquire along the way. Therefore, a salesman's job is to satisfy the desires of the consumers, and, probably harshly said, but not take care of their needs, because that will...