Workplace Observations within My Organization

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I have been working with my current employer for just over a month. In that short time, I have observed a great deal about my new work environment. This particular organization has been the leading, original electronics manufacturer in the Northwest for the last few years, but considering that the majority of its staff is comprised of new hires, I would say there is still plenty of room in which to improve organizationally. Although I may not be the most content with where I am at in my career at this point in time, I am still quite blessed to work for an organization that strives to communicate effectively, promotes diversity, and has processes and strategies in place for managing conflict.


In observing the flow of communication in the workplace, I have found that employees in my organization prefer to communicate in person rather than to follow the trend many other companies follow these days - communication via email, instant messenger, and voicemail.

The organization I work for fits in the small-to-medium business bracket, with 75% of its staff working on the production floor. The other 25% are office staff. Because we are in such small quarters, it is much easier and effective to communicate face-to-face with one another. Of course, we still use email to follow-up with a paper trail, as many times it is advisable to have a written record on file to keep oneself and others accountable for important items and information. Consequently, most of our production people have no need for computers in their work environment and are often not granted access to the internet or to email. In a scenario where a production employee needs to speak with office personnel, the employee is advised to either call or walk over to that individual and...