Working Teens VS. Non-Working Teens

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In every generation, there are high school students that want to work for some extra money. They have a fair amount of spare time. Also, most teens desire money and they think that money gives you freedom. When a teen is being interviewed by an employer, they usually exaggerate answers. For example, why do you want to work here? The teen would most likely reply with "I want to gain some work experience." They really want to work to get the money. Most of the time they will say the job is a drag and how much they hate going to work. It is really difficult to find a job you will enjoy because they are very limited. Also, the employers will tend to overwork the employees for business purposes. The typical and obvious jobs for teenagers include working at a fast food restaurant, clerk in a store, or a bag boy in a supermarket.

There are many setbacks with going to get a job such as age, lack of reliable transportation, and available time. I feel the teenagers should not work unless their family is in jeopardy. Part-time jobs can hurt the teenagers in various ways. That is why they should focus on education because that will benefit them in the future.

There are many physical disadvantages of working during the school year. Most of these jobs require the employees to stand for a long period at a time without sitting down. According to a McDonald's worker Marcus Williams, "Even when there are no customers you still have to stand and keep yourself busy." He claims he often has to put BenGay on his lower back because of the pain from constant standing without any breaks. If you work in the kitchen at McDonald's you risk getting burned...