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I weave these words for none but you.

Every single of these solitary lines.

Crafted they be with love and care.

To be savored as if it be the very best wine.

As every word has been carefully chosen.

To herald a message that be in disguise.

Oh, one with beautiful guileless black eyes

All these syllables speaks of you

With harmony to the love I have for you

Speaking of in riddles caring not to tell lies

Of your laugh sweet and soft touching to my heart

Enlivening it winds trough my heart to every part

Till in bliss I stand facing you in eternal light

Holding to your soft sensuous little hands

Walking upon soft and white sands of time

That trickles pass our feet to meet a vast sea of girth

Which caress with its frothing hands, upon the fine sand

Whispering like I should of destiny and love to my love