Windows Advance server 2003

Essay by key50001 October 2006

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New Server Features

* Disk Quotas- Allows administrators to control disk user disk usage keeping files and folders at a manageable size

* Disk Defragmenter- With a defragmenter included there is no reason to purchase third party software lowering the total cost of ownership

* NTFS 5- Supports compression, encryption, quotas, and up to 2TB volume size

* Intellimirror- Extends the desktop polices to remote laptop users regardless of physical locations

- Allows the administrator remote powers to upgrade, service, and install software on a central computer.

- Also allows the administrator to remotely install operating systems on computers in the network.

* Kerberos Security- Provides strong authentication services for client/server applications using cryptography

* Clustering and Load Balancing-


* Support for up to 8 Processors- Multiple processor support makes Windows 2000 Advanced server a good choice for enterprise applications such as Microsoft SQL and Exchange

* Supports up to 8 GB of RAM- Compliments the processor support and continues the scalability for enterprise applications

* Enterprise Memory Architecture- application memory tuning is also known as 4-gigabyte tuning (4GT), and Physical Address Extension (PAE)

* Device Manager- Provides a centralized area for managing, upgrading, and installing devices

* Multiple Monitor Support- Allows administrators to view more applications at once

* I2O support is an architecture that allows for I/O devices to obtain a higher performance.

* Plug-and-Play- Eases the installation of peripheral devices

* Removable Storage - allows for rarely used files to be moved to inexpensive tapes or optical disks when free disk space drops below a specified level

* Disk Management

- Dynamic volumes work outside the limit of four partitions per disk

- Local and remote drive management

- Volume mount points can mount a local drive on any empty folder on a local NTFS disk...