Why Studying and Deconstructing Texts in English is Valuable

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The subject and language English is one of the most complicated subjects because of its grammar and pronunciation etc. etc. of certain words. English is very widespread and has a lot of changes thus the studying and deconstruction of texts is needed and is valuable. Observing, listening or reading different types of texts, whether be videos, magazines, songs or books, only gives us a small, minute meaning and definition of the text as a whole. For us students to gain a deeper insight into our texts and to gain a deeper though, then we must study and deconstruct the text slowly and precisely. This is a very valuable tool and task that must be done to a text in English because it allows us readers to analyse the text in several different parts thus it won't be confusing and it will create more meaning for us.

English, being a subject that is always changing, will require more focus on the work than most other subjects.

The deconstruction of a text in English is a valuable rule we will need now and in the future. It will help us to learn and understand things more clearly instead of reading and then dumping without understanding the composer of the texts true meaning that he/she tries to represent to his/her readers. Deconstructing is very valuable English and is where we break the text into smaller sections to focus on one section at a time thus allowing for a simple way to study them rather than studying the whole text as a whole which is a lot harder to do. We continue this process until all deconstructed sections have been studied to its fullest of meaning. It is clear that studying and deconstructing of texts in English is very valuable whereby we are...