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The BMW Z4 is a small, two seat convertible sports car. It is one of the world's most well-known and responsive vehicles. In the following excerpt from the BMW web site here is an evaluation of three major categories: the driving experience, the performance features (interior & exterior) and the reliability and safety of the car.

The Driving Experience

The Z4 3.0i delivers 225 horsepower, features a standard all new six speed manual transmission; the Z4 2.5i's 184 horse power variant includes a five speed manual. Both 3.0i and 2.5i models offer the five-speed STEPTRONIC automatic. In addition, it delivered some of the best performance numbers the history ever recorded. The Z4 held on with astonishing tenacity through the tight, fast turns at the track and remained balanced and predictable when it did reach its cornering limits. Also, it tackled double lane change avoidance maneuver speedily and confidently.

Performance features (Interior & exterior)

Z4 also contains other notable performance technologies xenon adaptive headlights to assist you see around corners more quickly when driving at night; active roll stabilization that reduces body roll when cornering; active cruise control that works like regular cruise control, except when sensors determine that your vehicle is closing in on a car just ahead of you; adaptive brakes that warn drivers behind you to stop quickly during panic braking by illuminating brake lights and taillights to the same, bright intensity and active steering that adjust the steering ratio based on vehicle speed.

The interior offers a long list of standard features, such as DVD-based navigation with pop-up screen, a premium Harman Kardon audio system incorporating Carver technology, a headed glass rear window, standard electric power steering, automatic climate control, fully automatic soft-top raises/lowers in fewer than 10 seconds as well as active knee protection airbags.

Reliability and Safety

When it comes to safety, Z4 takes an active role in delivering peace of mind to you and your passengers. The Z4 runs on road griping run-flat tires, standard. It was also awarded five starts (the highest rating), by the National High way Traffic Safety Administration (NGTSA) for its ability to resist rollovers. Z4's fully integrated road safety technology (F.I.R.S.T) combines "active" and "passive" safety technologies. Active safety features help you avoid accidents and passive safety technologies are designed to help you avoid injury. Z4's active safety features are also what make it fun to drive. These include precise handling that lets you deftly maneuver around problem situations; large, fade-resistant anti-lock brakes with Dynamic Brake Control to help you stop and faster when emergency braking; quicker acceleration with deep reserves of power to merge, pass and ascend steep hills at speed; performance features such as remarkably agile... and more.

Overall, no wonder Z4 has been America's number 1 selling European luxury import cars in the U.S. for the past 13 years and top selling luxury import car for the past 10 years. Z4 drivers enjoy the peace of mind and that will thanks to industry-leading active and passive safety. If you don't believe me, just try one for yourself, and discover what makes Z4 "The Ultimate Driving Machine"!