Why Blog is popular? Is it better than the traditional diary?

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Blogs are generally made by an automated templates and data is entered into a form and submitted by the users. There are many different types of blogs, such as personal, commercials, political... The following will focus on the personal blogs, and will explore what's the factors are attracting the users and the disadvantages of it.

Blog is user friendly. Web pages are also communication tools that can serve the same functions as blogs. However, Blogs are easier to get access to; there are free blog hosts, with user friendly interfaces. It allows people that can use a word process and internet to set up their own blog. It also safes papers and allow people to update their blog anytime anywhere. This is more convenience compare to the traditional ones.

Blogs can be seen as a communication tool. It allows people to share their ideas and interest with others around the globe.

Users submit their views for the day and its viewers can leave a comment to the users. The viewers includes the friends of the users, or his friend's friend, or even a stranger that some how linked to the page. You can get a wider view from different point of views. Some people like to reflect their life on blogs, and to get some supports. A normal diary is hard to allow this to be happened. It is because the blog is on the web, people can get access to it; a diary you can just keep it at home and hard to share it with the world. A blog is in advantage to share your life with others.

Blogs can be filled with multimedia. Now these days, many things are computerise, such as photos. Blogs allow people to upload their photos with their comments. Beside photos, you...