Which newspaper is easier to read? Tabloid, Broadsheet or Magazine

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In this essay I will investigate, present and analyze the difference of word length among 3 different articles each from a different type of source: Broadsheet, Tabloid and magazine. I will be avoiding bias by choosing like for like articles. I will be taking a sample from the article not the whole population, this is because it would take a great amount of time to do the whole population, though it may be more precise it takes too much time, however I will be sampling a fair size sample (100 words), this is not too small so will have more accuracy than if I did a small sample e.g. 50 words. After that I shall put my results into a table and plotting graphs and analyzing the results.


1. I think that the broadsheet will have a superior amount of short words than the tabloid.

2. The magazine will have a greater amount of shorter words than the tabloid because the magazine has a target audience that will understand the smaller words.

Additional Research: Target audiences

THE SUN: Target audience is at the middle age group (18-28) on average.

The GUARDIAN: Target audience is at higher educated part of the population.

TEEN MAGAZINE: Target audience is at the younger generation i.e. teenagers


I will count the number of letters in the words and mark the frequency into the graph. I will then put the data into bar graphs and analyze the graph i.e. to see if there's Skewness. Skewness is an attribute of a distribution. A distribution has positive skew ;( right-skewed) if the higher tail is longer and there is negative skew ;(left-skewed) if the lower tail is longer. The data I will be collecting is primary data. This is because the data collected by me...