"The Wheel Of Time": The Eye Of The World

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Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series is known as one of the greatest fantasy series of all time.

The book starts with a prologue in which Robert Jordan gives some background history, vital to the proceeding plot, of Lews Therin Telamon (The Dragon Reborn) and the Great Destruction caused by the tainted male half of the True Source. The True Source, also called the One Power, is divided into Siadar (Female) and Siadin (Male), it is basically magic that a certain few people born with the ability can use ex. Lighting Bolts, Fire Balls ect .

Two thousand years later, trollocs and myrddraal come to Emond's Field in the Two Rivers valley. Moiraine, now at the end of her long search for the Dragon Reborn, discovers five young people with the ability to reach the True Source they are Rand, Perrin, Mat, Egwene & Nynaeve the village . She persuades them to leave the village, in order to protect it from the Shadowspawn (Evil Creatures Controlled by the Dark One).

Thom the gleeman goes with them for no apparent reason. They learn that Manatheren is the ancient name for Two Rivers.

Rand, Mat and Perrin discover they are ta'veren. They meet Min, a physic, in Baerlon, later visiting Shador Logoth, a city destroyed by its own suspicion. where Mat acquires a tainted knife from Mordeth. Perrin meets the wolf-man Elyas and the tinkers, discovering his own affinity with wolves and becoming a wolf brother ad getting yellow eyes this gets him notice when their trying to avoid it. He kills two Whitecloaks and becomes imprisoned for the crime.

Rand, Mat & Perrin all dream of Ba'alzamon, the Dark one. Thom is supposedly killed in Whitebridge by a myrddraal (shadowspawn). Egwene & Nynaeve decide to train as Aes Sedai. Rand encounters Loial the ogier; then Elayne, Gawyn & Galad in the palace garden in Caemlyn; also Queen Morgase, Elaida her Aes Sedai, and Gareth Bryne her general.

Chased by more trollocs and myrddraal, they all escape through the Ways to Fal Moran in Shienar.

In the Blight, The Green Man dies killing Balthamel, one of the Foresaken. Using the One Power, Rand kills two more, Aginor and Ba'alzamon, and Moiraine recognizes Rand as the Dragon Reborn. They discover the Horn of Valere and the dragon banner, which they take to Fal Moran.

That was my summery of the book after 782 pages as you can see it is serious fantasy. The plot of this story is excellent in my opinion, it draws you in around the tenth chapter with the race from Two Rivers. This book will appeal to fantasy lovers, this is a good novel for Adults and teenage people I wouldn't recommend this for a child it is too complex and has a lot of characters to follow, this is also only the first book in a series of 10. The life lesson in this book is " Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer." especially after Rand is betrayed by ( a spellbound) Mat. What impacted me the most was how the characters thoughts and actions reflected exactly what I would have done/thought in the same situation (minus the magic).