Wedding Bells for Mary Kay and ex Pupil

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Mary Kay was a thirty five years old High School English teacher. Vila was her freshman student, or better to say her fresh-meat student. Mary was distinguished for being nice and nurturing with the students, but none expected her to be that nurturing with one of the students she developed a crush on. Although she had a husband and three children, nothing could stop her to start the affair of the century with a teenager young enough to be her son.

Mary had always had a thing about Hispanic guys and their loving abilities, yet she had married a white American guy. When Vili, a Puerto Rican boy, was brought to her English class from another school, she fell instantly in love with him. Vili was thrown out from the first year of the high school he enrolled in for behaving properly. Bloomtown High School was more accepting of mistakes from teenagers and always had an open door for misbehaved students.

Maybe that is why Mary Kay thought it was nothing wrong to act on her feelings with the fourteen years old. Maybe she thought that her school was that liberal that it would not mean anything if she started an unusual love affair.

The first school year was beautiful and scary for both "lovers". They had to hide their "strong love" from the school, the families, and society altogether, yet that was not a big burden since the passion they shared was the best feeling in the world. One winter day the word leaked by one of Vili's friends who had seen them together in the school corridor. The word was already out before they could run away. First they had to deal with the opinion, and then they had to wait what the legal consequences of...