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I was thrilled to visit the Common Cause website. I spent quite a bit of time exploring the site and reading different articles. I was excited to discover that there is a group that still exercises our right to free speech. Many people are afraid to speak against the government and give ideas to improve our government for fear of being accused a terrorist. I think that the web site is a great place for people who want to be active in the government and policies to be involved with. I think that the more people that become involved with groups like this can begin to make a difference in the government and how it relates to the common person.

I think that the largest advantage that a site like this creates is that it can gather a large group of people that can campaign together to change certain things within our government. I also think that this site can encourage individuals to exercise there right of free speech. I think that it also helps others stay informed of the current policies and issues that are at hand with our government today. I believe in the power of numbers. I think that the larger a group of people to present an idea or new policy the better chance that it will be recognized or changed. I think that with the site that the power of numbers is working and will continue to work. On the site it gives examples of some of the changes that have been made and are in the process of being made by the people involved with this site. I think that if this site is made more public then the results from the ideas presented can be greater. This is a definite advantage.