Washington's Gunboat Gamble

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a very good essay. Took me 2 days to write! Enjoy! What you have here is a great specific analysis

"As small as we are, and poor as we are, as a people and a country we insist on the fundamental principals of a legal equality, mutual respect for sovereignty, non-interference in our internal affairs, and the right to build our own process free from outside interference, free from intimidation, free from bullying, free from the use of threat of force. We say this is our right as a country and as a people and we will fight and die for that right."1 This was said by Maurice Bishop the Prime Minister of Grenada on March 13, 1980. At the time Bishop was probably unaware that someday his country would have to do just that, fight and die for their rights, nor did he know that it would be somewhat his fault.

On October 25, 1983 United States troops invaded Grenada. How necessary was this invasion? The United States President, Ronald Reagan, said the the invasion was necessary in order to protect the lives of over 600 US students and at least 500 more United States citizens that were all on the island. In actuality the US invaded Grenada as a result of a cry for help from neighbouring island nations, Antigua, Barbados, Dominica, Jamaica, St. Lucia and St. Vincent. These islands feared that the island would be used as a base to support terrorism and leftist revolutions by the Soviet Union and Cuba.

In the few weeks in October 1983 that the invasion took place, international attention was suddenly focused upon this tiny Caribbean island. Most people found it difficult to understand the events that were taking place in Grenada. Two of the most important and most dramatic events...