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"Walking Away", describes the loss C. D. Lewis feels when taking his son to "[his] first game of football". He feels he is watching his son "go drifting away". He has "had worse partings" yet no parting annoys him as much as this one: "but none that so gnaws at my mind still".

Choristers walk a lot. If you've ever wondered how they produce the exquisite sound that is our privilege to enjoy day after day let me tell you they do it by walking.

It begins when they walk from the Cathedral School to the Song Room.

Early in the morning - too early for most children - they respond to the bell rung by the head or deputy head chorister and they line up. Sleepy heads huddled into cloaks, the boys in black, the girls in blue, on wet winter mornings. Again in the evenings they walk through the cloisters dutifully.

It continues when they walk in and out of Church. Processing, prepared, poised. Yes, our choristers physically walk. But they also walk in the sense we heard of in our first reading.

King Solomon set about building a glorious temple not dissimilar to this holy and beautiful Cathedral. But before he began to organize his labor force and manage the project God said it would only succeed if he and all the community walked in God's way.

"If you walk in my statutes, obey my ordinances and keep all my commandments by walking in them ..... then I will establish my promise with you and will not forsake my people."

Similarly, this building was built not only by labor and design but by the habits of dedication, rehearsing a way of life, a path, a daily round, a common task.

These children, as part of...