A Visit of Charity Written By Eudora Welty

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Show how the author uses symbolism and irony to elucidate the theme or the story.

In this story a young Campfire girl named Marian sets out to earn points by visiting an old age home. The author depicts Marian's reluctance to be there by the way she slowly makes her way from the bus stop to the nurse's station inside. The author gives way to Marian's selfish nature when she states to the nurse on duty, " I have to pay a visit to some old lady," (p436), in this statement our character shows little respect in the way she phrases her statement. By saying she has to pay a visit reinforces the readers thoughts that she is there not of her own free will and as a result does not care who she visits just as long as the person is an elderly woman. "Marian pushed her hair behind her ears, as she did when it was time to study Science," (p436), this passage shows us how much she loathes being there.

I believe the author was trying to get across that Marian found this so called charitable act as tedious as studying for Science again helping us identify her motives.

The nurse in this story doesn't seem to even want to be at her job. Marian describes her as being cold. The author shows us further the nurse's lack of emotions and awareness when she writes how the linoleum is raised and warped, how it was like walking on waves. Marian notices this but the nurse shows no awareness what so ever, making the reader question her interest and her desire for her work. The author further shows us this when the nurse propels Marian towards the door with a strong, impatient arm indicating the nurses desire to...