Virtual integration: Steinhorn and Diggs-Brown, 656 - Chan Noriega's "Race Matters, Media Matters"

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Virtual integration is considered a safe way for white Americans to attest that they are color blind. The issue of integration is still a persistent problem in our neighborhoods, schools, and places of business. This leads me to think that people have created a false interpretation of minorities in the real world. The media and major corporations are only concerned with feeding on the revenues received from their shameless marketing tactics.

Television only depicts half of the story, when it comes to news dealing with minorities. There are two sides to every story and in this case an important side is left out. For instance, a man named Charles Stewart "points the finger" (Steinhorn and Diggs-Brown, 656)

At a black man and unaware of any specific details of the murder, both white and black Americans falsely imagined seeing a black male committing the crime. Wrongfully accusing an African American and proof that in fact Charles Stewart himself committed the crime shows that we need to recheck our interpretations of who the criminals really are.

Virtual integration does provide tools for understanding another racial group but the media has a way to contort the tools, making it extremely difficult to understand what a race, such as African Americans, is really like. Tools can be like Michael Jordan selling basketball shoes or a famous actor promoting a major motion picture. But not all black people are actors, or superstar athletes. African Americans are getting treated better though these days due to how marketable they are and with out them corporations would lose money. Today, African Americans account for millions of dollars these corporations receive, leading to a negative outlook that's spreading like wildfire. Young minorities are thinking that playing basketball or taking acting courses will undoubtedly get them to the top. Sure...