Vincent Van Gogh

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I chose Vincent Van Gogh to imitate. I really like his art that I have seen in our book. I also looked up his work online and found more that I am really fond of. My house is decorated in sunflowers and he has some beautiful pieces of work he did in sunflowers. If I knew where I could purchase them and they were affordable, I would definitely get one to hang on my wall. My favorite sunflower painting is the one entitled "sunflowers". My favorite piece from the textbook is "The Starry Night". If I had talent and canvas with oil, I would attempt something like this. Instead I used crayola markers and attempted to draw sand dunes. I entitled my picture "The Sand Dunes at Night". It is no professional art work but I thought it turned out pretty good for my poor drawing abilities.

Van Gogh created astonishing art through his horrible life experiences.

He was a son of a minister and grew up in Holland. He later moved to Paris where he became attentive to the new art society. He pursued his art skills even though he had serious mental problems. At the age of thirty-seven he shot himself to death. In his short life he painted stunning things.

Van Gogh used his personality to make great color effects and simple compositions. He painted the world as he saw it, as a gorgeous place. His masterpiece "Wheat fields and Cypress Trees" is a prime example of how he saw the things. This piece also inspired me to draw nature. His use of swirls and colors makes that so interesting.

Struggles through his life are what inspired him to paint all his beautiful pieces. When a person can use their down time to use for...