"Vampire Hunter D" by Hideyuki Kikuchi

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This book is about a Vampire Hunter 10,000 years in the future. The Vampire Hunter D is riding on a mechanical horse. When he comes across Doris, Doris gets in a fight with him hoping that he is a vampire hunter. The local nobility, Count Magnus Lee, bit her. So Doris hires D. Doris has a brother named Dan and has a suitor from town named Greco. Greco really likes Doris and wants to take her as his wife but she hates him. He has tons of influence in town because he is the mayor's son.

Count Lee doesn't want to kill Doris because he really wants to make her his wife. Count Lee also has a daughter named Larmica who is apposed to having count Lee marry Doris. Then the count makes a deal with a man named Rei-Ginsi. Rin-Ginsi then teams up with Greco to kill D because Greco has a grudge against D because he thinks He likes Doris.

So they kill D but D has a secret companion in his left hand. The book does not reveal much about the hand but the hand is able to do many things including reviving D. Then D goes off to kill Count Magnus Lee, because during the time he was dead Doris Got kidnapped by Count Lee. Then when Lee is marrying Doris D comes in to save the day and then D wanders off and Dan is going to take Doris as his wife.

My opinion of this book Is very high. I really liked this book because of its great balance. It had some fighting scenes, but not to many. And just over all described things very well without having so man words that you get lost in it. Over all I really liked the story line of this book and I really liked how it was written.