The value of sports in schools

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The amount of school sport has declined over the decades. How can this be, when there is so much agreement between health and sports experts that sport brings benefits to school children?

The benefits of sport are numerous. Primarily, it contributes to good health and active lifestyle. Currently, obesity in youngsters is a major problem. The health-related disease, together with others that can develop later on in life, can be prevented through physical activity. Besides, it also helps to improve fitness levels and increase stamina, suppleness and strength to keep going. To take part in and enjoy sport aids the mind to rest. As a result, students have less chance to misbehave in the classroom through boredom.

Moreover, sport develops confidence within the child and increases self-esteem. It does not only identifies the physical and sporting ability but also, shows a desire for improvement and achievement. Physical activity encourages children to be creative and meet challenges as individuals or as part of a team.

At the same time, sport helps children with their thinking skills as regards to plan, perform and evaluate actions and their performances.

The school, as an educational institution plays an important role in the child's overall development. Sport is an essential element in the school where the child develops physically, mentally and also socially. Furthermore, double games and a team sport enable the child to socialise with theirs. On the other hand, throwing light on the child's intellect, from physical education basic skills are mastered. Teaching the fundamentals of sport to children, at an early age, could be the start of a young athlete on the road to professional competition.

People involved in the educational system all know about the various benefits engaged with physical activity and they do speak about the value of sport...