"Uncle Molests Sister"

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Uncle molests sister, Aunt Betty wants him back

My Uncle Jeff and Aunt Betty have raised us for ten years. "Uncle Jeff is one of the most intelligent, loving, sensitive men I have ever met. However, the other day, my sister La Mona, reported that Uncle Jeff had started touched her inappropriately two years ago when she was only ten years old. She even admitted that this behavior had not quit even though she is now sixteen. She also quoted some inappropriate sexual comments he had made to her and said he had even flashed her once. As if that is not bad enough, she said Uncle Jeff had also been threatening her while I was at work, saying things like, "your Aunt Betty isn't here to save you". He has never hit either one of us he is all bark and no bite, although he can be very scary when he is angry.

Uncle Jeff has never done any of this to me still I believe my sister.

The Police department and the department of Human Services are now involved. Uncle Jeff has moved to a hotel pending an investigation.

I know my first concern should be for my sister La Mona, but I feel she is safe and happy now. But my Aunt Betty's concern was her husband. Even though I know she is an idiot and my sister is afraid of him. My Aunt Betty's problem is she wants him back and is still in a state of denial or may have not yet accepted the fact that he may have married her to get to her niece. My sister is afraid of him for good reason. She had to go to family counseling.

A couple of months ago we found out she were pregnant. I urged...