"The turbulent truth about Political Geography in Europe" - A history of Political Geography and Trends in Europe between 1871 and 1996.

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The political geography in Europe between 1871 and 1996 changed significantly, and the maps in between these two dates in history go to different extremes, everything from rampant imperialism, communist annexation and of course, autonomy.

Politically, 1871 Europe was a hotbed of Imperialist powers, however, a shift began to occur, and by 1924 there were a lot of differences, including the end of Imperialism. Germany, Austria-Hungary, The Ottoman Empire, and Russia were all head to head over territory. Although the reign of imperialism had held fast for centuries, it was all starting to fall apart and move towards a new trend. The first empire to fall was the Ottoman Empire, and it split into Bulgaria, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Yugoslavia. Next were Austria-Hungary, being split into Czechoslovakia, Austria, Hungary, and also expanding the borders of Poland. The age of imperialism was drawing to a close, and what followed terrified democracies and cheered leftwing radicals across Europe.

The borders between lands in Europe changed significantly as it entered a new era in Europe. Amidst the First World War, something that severely restricted Germany, the Russian revolution occurred. The Bolsheviks forced the Tsar of Russia to abdicate, and not long later took over Russia. Russia then became a feared world power, as the Soviet Republic, an openly communist state with the Red Army behind it. Communist Annexation was the next big thing in Europe, and the now Soviet Republic didn't wait long to annex Romania, Ukraine, White Russia, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Estonia. The Soviet Republic quickly became a force to not reckon with, as its power outdid that of every empire during the previous era of Imperialism. By the 1930's, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (or U.S.S.R), was building it's own empire as Hitler came into power...