Tree of Life

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**The purpose of this paper was to describe a place that is important in your life. The last paragraph is supposed to reflect on how that place changed/impacted your life.**

A sixty-five year old apple tree grows in my uncle's front yard as we speak. The base of its trunk leaves the ground at a slight angle, giving the impression that it is leaning forward. The surrounding ground is uneven and bumpy with roots weaving in and out of the ground. The actual trunk is only eight feet tall, and not very wide, but the branches shoot out twice that size, making the tree seem very top heavy. Although not an enormous tree, it dominates the nearby scenery. It seems to command respect from the surrounding landscape. Over the course of the year, the apple tree takes on multiple faces.

During the winter months, the tree is gray and lifeless.

Stripped of all its leaves, its limbs are barren and jagged. Frozen in place, they stiffly poke into the air, barely swaying in the howling winter wind. The tree appears dry and brittle. The birds no longer favor it for shelter. They have abandoned their summer homes. The tree gives off a cold and sad feeling. It is physically present, yet somehow absent at the same time. It remains silent and still, waiting for its hibernation to end.

As the season shifts into spring, the apple tree slowly comes back to life. The previous tones of gray change to various vivid shades of color. Branches with bright greed buds announce its return. It extends its appendages into the gentle breezes, as if stretching from a long nap. Eager to gain strength, thirsty roots drink springtime showers from the warming ground. While tender young leaves unfurl, the branches explode with...