"Treasure Island" by Robert Louis Stevenson: A short review

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The title and author of the book that I read was "Treasure Island" by Robert Louis Stevenson. The main character was Jim a young man about seventeen years old, his father died shortly into the story. After Jims father died Jim had to look over his father's inn called the Admiral Benbow.

The plot starts slow at the beginning of the story when Jim is running the shop when his father was ill. Then a old pirate named Bill shows up. Later he dies but a map is found that leads to an island called, yep you guessed it Treasure Island. Once they get to the island almost all the sailors try to over through the ship. The loyal sailors escape and fight off the pirates. Many pirates are killed and finally the ship is retaken then the loyal sailors get spit up by the pirates Jim is the prisoner of the pirates. The plan to find the treasure and escape the island by getting the map stealing the ship and escaping.

Unfortunately the loyal sailors ambushed the pirates and the loyal sailors freed Jim and escaped with the treasure. My opinion on this book is that it is an excellently written book that is worth reading more than once. The only reason you wouldn't read this book is if you don't enjoy reading adventure books.