Tony Kushner, "Angels in America" Analysis!

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Everyone has his or her own personal faults in life. Some are looked down upon more for their issues than others are. Homosexual relationships are considered sacrilegious and unethical, so much that we scrutinize persons having those relations. We as a society should not look down upon individuals whose sexual preference is different from our own.

The 80's were a time of economic growth and global power. It is also the setting for Tony Kushner's play, "Angels in America". In Kushner's play it was at time of gay revelation. Reagan's reforms and policies gave homosexual people the power and courage to be more open sexually. Throughout this play, "coming out", is a very new evolution, one that Kushner bases his play on.

In the story, many of his characters are homosexual, and the truth about their sexual preferences comes out. Roy Cohn is a successful lawyer in New York, who is dying of AIDS because of his sexual relationships.

He keeps his love relationship separate from his professional life for the simple fact that if he were exposed to the wrong people it could damage his reputation. This information could be used against him in court. He lies to people, telling them he has cancer to conceal his homosexuality and prevent them from knowing about his sickness. Roy is facing disbarment and if they knew he was gay, he would easily be barred from being a lawyer. Roy tells his doctor, Henry, that "Roy Cohn is not a homosexual man. Roy Cohn is a heterosexual man, who fucks around with guys". (Kushner Pt. One, Act 1, scene IX) He does not believe that he is gay, just that he occasionally has the desire to be satisfied by a man. His political power and religious beliefs affect...