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Description of TOEFL


The test is used to measure the English proficiency of individuals whose native language is not English. The majority of admissions committees of colleges and universities in the United States require foreign applicants to submit TOEFL scores along with transcripts and recommendations order to be considered for admission. Your scores will help the admissions staff determine if your skills are adequate for enrollment into the program of study you have selected. Some colleges and universities in Canada and other English-speaking countries also require the TOEFL for admission purposes. Many universities use TOEFL scores to fulfill the foreign language requirement for doctoral candidates whose first language is not English.

The TOEFL test is given at centers around the world twelve times a year, or once each month. Currently, over 1275 testing centers in 180 countries are authorized to administer this exam.

Test Taking Strategies

Preparing for the TOEFL.

Improve Your Scores.

Suggestions for Success.

* Preparing for the TOEFL

In preparing to take the TOEFL or any other language examination, it is very important to review the language skills for each section of the examination and to have an opportunity to take model tests that are similar to the actual examination.

Reviewing will help you recall some of the language skills you have studied in previous classes and other books. Taking model tests will give you the experience of taking a TOEFL before you take the actual examination.

Remember, the purpose of this program and its accompanying textbook is to provide you with a detailed review of the language skills for each section of the TOEFL examination and to provide you opportunities to take model tests similar to the actual TOEFL examination.

By using this program,