Title: Someone Special - Thesis: My girlfriend is also my best friend

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Someone who has always been there for me and whom I have very strong feelings for is my girlfriend, Brittney. She is accepting, fun, and loyal. Brittney is so important to me because not only is she my girlfriend but my best friend as well.

Brittney has been accepting of my mistakes as long as I have known her. The second time Brit and I started dating I was heavily into drugs and even though she did not like what I was doing she never lost hope in me. When I was finally sent away, she stayed in contact with my family for most of the time I was gone. When I got back she had faith in my staying sober when no one else did and she helped me get back up when I slipped. Sometimes when I get angry or frustrated I say things to her that I don't mean and even though they hurt her, she forgives me and understands that I don't mean any of it.

This is important to me because I get in fights with my friends all the time but no matter what happens, we are always friends again the next day. It's the same with her. Brittney also accepts me for who I really am. I can be my true self around her and she does not mind at all.

In addition to being accepting, Brit is extremely fun to be around. On days when we have nothing to do, Brit and I will get in my truck and drive on back roads until we get lost which sounds boring but some how she makes it really fun. I think the reason that she is so fun to be with is because she can find the humor in any situation either...