Is there a God?

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Is there such thing as a God, or is He or She just a figment of ones imagination? Is God a crutch that people can depend on or is He or She really there? Is there such thing as miracles? Who created God? Why are there so many different religions and denominations with so many different beliefs? What about the Big Bang theory? Did Noah really have Ark? Last but not least, why would God let such evil and horrific things happen to people in our world? These are just some of the mere questions that have gone through my mind, and want to specifically give my views and other philosophers views on the big question "Is there a God?"

Did Society create God and Religion?

With so many different religions in this world, it makes one wonder, "Which is the right one?" Or maybe, society just decided to make up their rules as centuries went along.

Karl Marx's religious criticism is that man makes religion; and that religion does not make man. (Blunden). Society produces religion, which is an inverted world consciousness, because they are an inverted world. Religion is the general theory of this world seems to be upside down. It gives everyone religious its logic, its enthusiasm, its spiritual guidance, its moral sanction, its general basis of consolation, its solemn complement, and justification. The struggle against religion is, therefore, indirectly a struggle against the world whose spiritual aroma is religion.

Is God and Religion just an Illusion?

Sigmund Freud attacked religion; he reduced the grand aspirations of religion to, mere illusions, but, even worse, the illusions of an insecure child who has never properly grown up. According to him, religious ideas are given out as teachings, are not precipitates of experience or end...