Teens and Plastic surgery

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Teens are seeking plastic surgery to give themselves a higher self-esteem, because nature obviously did not do such a good job. In today's world teens find themselves looking for new ways to enhance their physical appearance, because appearance to them is what constitutes beauty and they forget all the other characteristics they have to offer. Immaturity has a lot to do with the fact that teenagers are narrow minded people who take in all the bad vibe and seek a way to make it better, not mentally but physically. Plastic surgery is totally unnecessary at these ages because as they mature into adults some of their features may change and give them that fitted normal structure they were looking for. It's not always the others kids fault that they tease them about their nose, ears or acne, but the parents as well with their negative comments and encouraging low self-esteem to their kids.

Despite the fact that satisfied teens getting their plastic surgery done may not be the solution for their problems, but psychiatric attention instead.

Experts are more concerned with the psychiatric part of undergoing surgery, and insecurity is one of the things teens lack when it comes to physical appearance. Experts worry that teenagers are not ready to deal with the physical and psychological means of plastic surgery. Teens and their parents don't realize the outlook of changing their looks will solve the problem, some teens after getting their plastic surgery done come back and complain that the procedure didn't do the trick, maybe it wasn't the plastic surgery they needed, maybe it was psychological treatment they needed. It goes as far as a religious family getting insulted when they have a relative that has undergone plastic surgery, they think he/she has rejected his/her culture. Being unhappy...