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Although it is obvious that the world we live in is far from perfect, at times, certain figures and statistics can just be plain startling. The growing crime rate in the country is one of these statistics. It seems as time goes on, more and more crime is developing, especially juvenile crime. From 1984 to 1994, the juvenile homicide arrest rate almost tripled. On top of that, the number of gun homicides committed by juveniles quadrupled during those years also. These statistics bring us to a certain point where something must be done to decrease juvenile crime and keep teenagers safe. In our community, instating a youth curfew would be an effective way to take care of both these tasks.

Whether believed or not, currently 146 out of 200 large cities such as Chicago, Illinois and Phoenix, Arizona now enforce teen curfews. Supporters of teen-curfew laws such as President Clinton, Congress members and many law-enforcement officials believe that they are "effective crime fighting tools".

Declining crime rates in these 146 cities solidly back up supporters and are proof that teen-curfews would be a positive addition to any community. Not only will crime rates decline due to teen-curfews, but so will the amount of juveniles murdered. Sadly, according to the National Center for Juvenile Justice, the amount of teens murdered in 1994 was almost 50% greater than the number murdered in 1984. The instatement of teen-curfew laws can help decrease these numbers, and keep teens safer. That's why I strongly agree with teen curfew laws being enforced in all states.

Aside from all observed statistics, there is more basic and simple evidence that teen curfews would have a positive effect on any community. Many parents today work more than one job, and struggle to support their family. Within their busy...