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A team is a group of individuals linked for a common purpose. In order for a team to achieve tasks given and become a functioning team, the individual team members' strengths and weaknesses must be identified and used appropriately. To accomplish this, open communication must be present to allow for constructive opinions and suggestions. Each team member must also be motivated and desire to accomplish the tasks set forth. A commitment to teamwork is essential to compete in the changing business environment that exists today. This paper will discuss how project team members are selected, diversity amongst groups and conflict resolution techniques.

In order to create a successful team, members should be selected to a project and assigned specific roles based on skill level. Assigning roles based on skill level will ensure that the strengths of each member are being used to create optimal results. This will allow each team member to recognize that his or her specific work contributed rather than a mere opinion that was used to complete the task.

This will also alleviate the tendency for one individual to complete the majority of an assignment. A sense of completion is important for the continued success of a team. Each team may have a wide variety of individuals from different backgrounds. It is important to learn and understand each individual's personal history to find the best possible fits to create a dynamic team environment. When developing a team, diversity can be a factor that contributes to a successful team.

Diversity is currently known to be one of the most important challenges facing today's businesses. Diversity can be defined as the differences based on gender, race, ethnicity, age, and sexual orientation. Diversity has a large impact on individual behavior. The decisions and reactions that are referred to as behavior...