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The Death Penalty is a punishment that should be imposed to those who commit the most heinous crimes. It is a punishment that bring closure to the victims families and helps them move on with the thought that the man who committed the crime will no longer be a threat to them or society. It also helps us save on tax dollars and be at peace with our conscience that one killer less will no longer be out in the streets threatening other innocent victims.

This penalty is the most efficient to deal with cereal killers and mass murderers because the extent of the damage they have caused an innocent family is irreversible. The physiological stress is something many go through when they loose a loved one. A life sentence would only keep the lingering memory of the killer in the families. One may not understand why the death penalty could bring closure to a family but one cannot judge the way a family chooses to move on.

Until it happens to others then one will see how much it hurts to be faced with the thought that the loved one that has been lost will never be seen again and that the criminal will laugh and sneer at what he has done. The danger that the killer might one day escape is very immanent and could cause much more losses of life. Being held captive in a prison for life is an easy way out for the murderers, most of the times cereal killers want to be found, as statistics that have been studied, like in the case of infamous cereal killers Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Daumer. They had only one concern and that was to kill innocent people and could of cared less of their destiny.

The death...