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Dr. Sun Yat Sen was widely recognized as the founder of the modern China. Through his political inspiration and guidance, he successfully led the fellow Chinese people out of the darkness of the corrupted imperial Qing Dynasty to the new grounds of democracy. Although Sun's goal was not totally accomplished by the time he past away, but no doubt his dedication for the country was unparallel by anyone. Not only in the eyes of the Chinese that he was considered as an outstanding revolutionary, but also in the eyes of the Westerners that he was considered to be the most important person in the twentieth century in modern China. Without Sun, China would probably remain in control of the rotten Qing Dynasty and eventually fall into the hands of other nations that leads to the vanishing of a culture.

Dr. Sun was born in 1866 to a peasant family in Cuiheng Village, Xiangshan County of Guangdong Province in Southern China.

The county was renamed as Zhongshan County after Sun's death in honor of this man. Sun received a few years of local schooling through the first twelve years of his life. Then when Sun was about thirteen, he moved to live with his brother who immigrated to Hawaii. There, Sun attended a boarding school run by the Church of England and later was baptized a Christian. Shortly after gaining his certificates for his proficiency in medicine and surgery, Sun traveled back to Hong Kong and studied at the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese and earned his medical degree by 1892. Subsequently, Sun practiced medicine briefly in Hong Kong in 1893.

Because of the influence he gained during his years aboard, Sun's head was gradually filled with social reform ideas as he witnessed the corruption of the Qing Dynasty...