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The summer of 2005 was probably one of the best summers I've ever experienced. I started of by driving (yes, driving) to California with my mom and my sister. It was a pretty long driving stint, but, the end result definitely paid off. After a few weeks on the West Coast we packed up and headed out to Vancouver Island, only this time with my Dad along for the ride. Finally, after being gone for over a month and becoming slightly homesick we stuffed everything back into the car and started off on the long road home. Once we got there I had no time to relax as I had to work less then an hour after arriving home. I succeeded in spending the next month of summer working all but three days. While summing up all pros and cons of the summer I came to the conclusion that it was positively fabulous - I wound up with a great tan and lots of money.

My mom, sister and I began this summer with a painfully long drive through the states the reason for this being that my mom is extraordinarily terrified of planes. My personal take on this was that we drug her with a few packs of Gravol and throw her on the plane, but, the value of my thoughts in this family stand somewhere below those of the pet goldfish. In the end my proposal was voted on by the board of Moore family transportation (consisting of my mom and dad) and discarded. Making the best of a rotten situation my mom and I split the driving and managed to make it all the way to Portland, Oregon without getting too lost. After wandering aimlessly around the city very much like the person who is "it"...