The Success of Millennium Park

Essay by illboistylez October 2006

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The City of Chicago offers many tourist attractions that distinguish it from other cities throughout the country. From the futuristic sky scrapers to the tranquility rendered by Lake Michigan, Chicago is truly one of the world's gems. Within the city's modernization and busy urban life lies a new addition to Chicago, based from Daniel Burnham's original design, is the Millennium Park. After the Great Chicago fire that occurred in 1971, leading architect Daniel Burnham is one of the people that rebuilt the city of Chicago. He laid out plans for the future of Chicago in 1909. His main objective was to designate a central place in Chicago. One of his original plans includes a proposition for the lakefront and declared that everyone should be walking distance of a park. More than ninety years had passed, but the legacy of Burnham still remains, Millennium Park was created.

The park is a recreational facility that possesses various ways of relaxation where its beauty is modeled after France's Versailles Garden.

More so, the eclectic and unique ambiance of the park clearly represents Chicago to the world in such a way that the city's diversified cultures are portrayed. Burnham successfully created a replica of the Versailles Garden through the similar peaceful environment, architectural design, and an effective place for recreation. Also, the location of Millennium Park contributed to its success.

Foremost, the Millennium Park creates a pleasant atmosphere for the people. The Millennium Park gives warm feeling to anyone who visits it. The park is open to the public; it does not have any gates which restricts people from going into the park. The sights and sounds of water which flows through Millennium Park's fountains provide an exciting and soothing feel. The park is also surrounded by the comforting shades of green trees...