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Customer loyalty

Customer relationship

Many people like doing business with people they know.

Many more people like doing business with people they know and like

Most people like doing business with people they know, like and trust

The secret to the development of customer satisfaction is the commitment to build strong customer loyalty.

How does the small business operator compete with the large companies in developing customer loyalty?

- Price,

- Service

- bonus points, discount,

What will increase customer loyalty do for business?/ why benefits company with loyalty?

- Loyal customer will resist competitive offers

- They give business free word of mouth support

- They buy more and buy more often

How do companies build customer loyalty?

- They must take every opportunities to build a customer relationship

- Do what they promise

- Always be professional

- Be interest in your customers

- Keep in contact


Customer needs

Why is it important to find out what the customers needs are?

- Satisfy their needs

- Able to provide better service

- To gain an advantage over competitors

- Not to allow the competitors to gain an advantage over your business

- Loyal customers buy more and but more often

- Loyal customers provide positive word of mouth which is free

How the business find out what customers need are?

Through research

- Primary: information is gathered by company itself to solve a particular problem through personal interview, mail questionnaire, phone contact and observation eg.

How many customers think the product is too expensive.

- Secondary: information has already been gathered by someone else eg. ABS. this research gives information about demographics which is referred as a quantitative data.

Communication style and strategies

Communication style is a way of thinking and behaving.

Communication style bias develops...