A story about broken hearts

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The Cabin

I once read a book that said. "You should watch the sun raise and the sunset once every year." But in this book they never said anything about what to do to better a relationship. If it did then I think that every thing would have worked out and I would not be where I am today. I am kind of glad that I when to the cabin in the wood that weekend. I weekend was almost like a made for TV movie.

I was lying in bed with the guy that I thought was the guy of my dreams. As I layed there on the fresh white cotton sheet. I stared at the plain log ceiling. I watched the ceiling fan blades spin round and round for what seemed to be for hours. I got lost in the sound of him lightly snoring and the sound of the fan blades vibrating on the wooded ceiling.

There was nothing in the plain room but an old wood bed made from logs and an old wooden dresser. And well the ceiling fan that seemed not to have been there for very long. Finally, I got tried of lying in the hard bed next to the guy that I thought, at the time, was in love with me. I couldn't take it any more; I had to get up.

I slowly removed the cover off of my chilled body. Trying very had on to make a sound. I placed one foot on the dusty cold hard wood floors. Then come the other foot, which made the floorboard quietly creaked. I paused and slowly looked over my shoulder to see if I had woke him form his deep sleep. I didn't so I proceeded to get out if bed. I...