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Anabolic- androgenic steroids are man-made substances associated to male sex hormones. Anabolic refers to muscle building, and androgenic refers to the class of drugs steroids are only legal if prescribed. They are also only to be used to treat conditions that take place when supplies abnormally a low sum of testosterone; for example delay in puberty.

They are also used for AIDS patients, and other diseases that result in lean muscle mass. In this age mostly athletes abuse anabolic steroid to improve their performance and physical appearance. Steroids are taken orally or injected usually cycling within weeks or months. This is something I believe could cause AIDS. Some people combine different types of steroids to bring up their effectiveness while minimizing negative effects.

One of the major side effects from anabolic steroids is liver tumors and cancer, high blood pressure, and increase in HDL. Also some side effects are stretch marks by where the muscles grew.

You also get bad acne, even if to don't have it at the beginning it can start and end up very bad. Your pores also get larger which can cause rougher skin which can also be a bad thing especially for women who are familiarized wit soft skin. There is also and increase in baldness. Now this doesn't mean that u can get bald but it will increase your chances, this also goes for women.

Another thing I believed is really abnormal is the reverse sex change that steroids can cause. For example men can get too much testosterone which causes the body to turn it into estrogen. This will give most men something feminine like breast and they also won't be able to get it up anymore after a while and you lose feeling which is probably a downfall for...