Speech on change: Using a visual (a photograph of the world trade centers)and a text (I will Survive-Sala Pawlowicz Kaminskia) explain how the concepts of change are represented

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'Gilterl Przybycie uciekaj judie' meaning 'Hitler's coming, run off Jews!'

In polish this phrase is a rhyme and was the normal discrimination Polish Jews faced prior to world war two. I Will Survive is the biography of Sala Pawlowicz Kaminskia, recounting the five years eight months and one day she spent enduring the Nazi mass extermination camps. The cover of the biography centers on the focal visual element of swastika. Love, life and peace are not features that one associates with the symbol yet before it was incorporated on the flag of the National Socialist political party the swastika was a symbol of luck. Sala recalls how rapidly the swastika's interpretation changed; it became a symbol of oppression and more importantly death, today it symbolizes the 6 million civilians tortured and massacred by the Third Reich.

The World Trade Centers of New York City also illustrate symbolic change. Harold Morris captured the beauty of the sisters on September the 10th 2001 on the bottom he inscribes, "Share my final memory".

The ellipse of the light shining from in-between the structures forms a cross, giving the towers a divine nature. They were a symbol of American prosperity and nationalism. Post 9/11 the structures become a world icon of destruction and terrorism; they scar the face of New York City and similar to the swastika, provide a grim reminder of the brutality of human nature.

"He had died in the middle of the street, ignored by his neighbors, and there he lay, his blood running in the gutter. I turned away with a cry.... it was September 1st 1939. On this day Sala Kaminska's childhood ended. Nazi's had occupied Poland. From this moment onwards her liberty and freedom was taken away from her step by step. First the Nuremberg Jewish laws were...