Sometimes things don't always go your way: Short story based on one aspect of growing up.

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I remember when I was little; I used to play with my dolls non-stop. I loved going into a make believe world, trying to make their world perfect, trying to make my dolls the happiest they had ever been... I wish life was that easy.

I'm 15 and life is a difficult things to undertake. Boys, sex, parents, school, friends, maturity... it's all too hard to understand and there are too many expectations to live up to.

I try so hard to grow up as each day goes, I try to make new friends, understand changes, be the best girlfriend, daughter, sister, niece, aunty, granddaughter, and friend I can be. Sometimes I think I'm failing everyone.

My life used to be perfect, I had everything I had ever wanted, perfect friends, the greatest boyfriend that all the girls wished they had and the perfect family. Then it all fell apart.

A week ago, I watched my brother leave home with just the clothes on his back. I cried. My best friend had left me and he didn't even realize he was hurting me.

Three days later my so called boyfriend pressured me. I wasn't sure what to do, yes, no, maybe, I'm not ready... what to say? And when he told me to leave, what was I supposed to tell my parents when I walked in crying? That I had just said No to sex with 'him' and he told me to leave... what was I suppose to do? So I ran... ran away. I couldn't face it; I needed to escape for a day.

They came looking for me. My parents, my friends, everyone did. I know this because I heard them walk right past were I was, lying alone on the side of the road wrapped up...