Socialization: Nature VS Nurture

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Nature, inherited biological characteristics, and nurture, learned environmental forces both contribute to a persons personality in some ways. However, I think nurture has a much larger influence on a person's personality. There are many factors in a person's environment which play a role in their personality development.

The most important and influential factor is the quality and quantity of time that a parent spends with a child. Family is the first agent of socialization for most people, and the most influential, in my opinion. From our family we learn language and communication skills, normal rules of behavior, and how to look after ourselves. For most children, their parents and family are the first people that they know, so they are influenced most by them, and this shapes the child's personality.

Since the family teaches us important things about ourselves, it is very important in the development of our personalities.

The "nurture" factors have more of an influence because if a child sees certain actions or behaviors from a parent, this has a certain impact on the personality. For example, in the movie Parenthood, Kevin has emotional problems as an older child, because of his parents influence on him when he was a baby. His parents were over protective when he was a baby, because he was their first child, and this caused him to be a very emotionally unstable child as he got older. A child's parents have a very big impact on how their personality develops.

If nurture did not have an effect on children's personality, parents would never have to teach children right behaviors, and differences between right and wrong. However, I believe that the behaviors that a parent teaches their children have the most impact on the child's personality. If the...