Snoring and the obnoxiuos habits of college roomates

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Do you like Mexican ska music at ridiculous levels? What about getting woken up two hours before you need to by an alarm that never goes off? I'm sure most people do not enjoy getting woken up too early, no not most none. They may like Mexican ska music; I love ska music but no longer Mexican ska. Why you ask? Guilty by association causes my putrid dislike of Mexican ska music because the only time I hear it is six in the morning. Now Mexican ska will always pair up with waking up early, uggghhh sorry I just got a little disgusted. This is not just about Mexican ska but more of sleeping and the ways that my roommates wake me up at all different times, keep me from sleeping, and the things I must to do actually get some sleep.

So I gave you some insight into how I get woken up in the morning but if only you knew that horror that awaits you.

Bon Jovi and Simple Plan. I am not sure if I need say anymore but I guess I can elaborate. Mexican ska is not the first music to wake me up early, it is Bon Jovi's "Its My Life" which may be one of the worst songs ever written (I think I just threw up a little thinking about it). After two days came yet another shitty band, Simple Plan, so more waking up early to bad music combining two things that I hate crappy music and getting woken up when I really do not want to. Now as much as the music selection sucks I at least got some variety of crap. Then he made me hate something I love, ska music, which pisses me off even more than crappy...