Smoking Ban in Colorado

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What do locals think about the new law that smoking in public restaurants and bars are no longer acceptable in the state of Colorado? There are a number of people who think that this is the correct way to go about smoking habits and others feel the smoking ban is unnecessary in public places.

People all over the state of Colorado have something to say, they either want the smoking ban to happen and others feel the decision should be their own to smoke or not. Should an individual be the one who makes the decision or should the state of Colorado be the one to govern smoking areas? People must understand that there are always going to be the "Smokers". We can not just ban smoking from the state, people are just going to go outside and smoke anyway. Even though Colorado has already come up with the idea to ban smoking in all bars and restaurants, people are still discussing the topic.

Over hearing tons of conversations about the new law, I have heard many things from "Why can it be the smokers' choice and the business' choice whether or not you smoke inside or out?" "There are courtesy smokers out there believe it or not; they do have respect for the non-smokers." "Why can't there be a happy medium? Smoking is legal, and smokers have rights as well."

These individuals think that smoking is harmful, but not life threatening. Maybe they are not concerned with a non-smokers health. Many scientific results have shown that secondhand smoke is worst than inhaling off the cigarette yourself. It is true that the smokers have rights as well, but non-smokers also have rights also. Why should 80% of non-smokers be subjected to the pollution, harmful chemicals, and the smell of...