"Sir Gawain and The Loathly Lady" by Selina Hastings

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In the story "Sir Gawain and the Loathly Lady", Sir Gawain was loyal, true and a perfect knight. The story itself is about King Arthur who will be killed by Sir Gromer if he does not figure out what women truly desire. He searches England asking women this question, but none have the correct answer. He then meets Dame Ragnell who is the ugliest women ever. She claims to have the real answer but won't tell him unless he lets her marry Sir Gawain, the kings trusted knight. Sir Gawain said that he will marry her. Dame Ragnell tells the king that what women most desire is sovereignty. The king then meets with Sir Gromer and gives him his answer. Sir Gromer gets angry and tells the king it was his sister that gave this answer. Later, Sir Gawain gets married to Dame Ragnell and she became beautiful at night.

She then told him she could only be pretty during night or day. It was his choice. Then he said I cannot decide so I will let you choose. Therefore, because Sir Gawain gave her sovereignty the curse that had made her ugly was broken. From then on she remained pretty.

"I would rather die myself I love you so." Is what Sir Gawain said to King Arthur when he told him he could soon die. This all proves that Sir Gawain is loyal. I also have friends that are loyal. I feel they are loyal because they do many things that have helped me that they did not have to do. Also, in the Lord of the Rings, Faramir was ordered by his father to do an act that would be certain death for him and his soldiers. This is another example of ones loyalty to another person. Just like when Sir Gawain married ugly Dame Ragnell in order for the king to live. In the end, this loyalty helped Sir Gawain because Dame Ragnell later became beautiful.

Sir Gawain is true in heart. Sir Gawain said he would marry Dame Ragnell in order to save the kings life. "I shall wed her and I shall wed her again." So, after the king told this to Dame Ragnell she saved his life from her brother. Then, Sir Gawain had to merry her. He didn't even know who she was. All he knew was that she was very ugly and she had saved the king by telling him what women most desire. Even with this, he stayed true in heart and married her. This deed was rewarded because he learned how nice she was and she also became beautiful. The fact that he stayed true is something that many knights of his time, after seeing Dame Ragnell, definitely wouldn't have done.

"Of all Earthly knights you are blessed for now I am truly loved." This is what Dame Ragnell said to Sir Gawain after he had given her sovereignty or choice to choose whether she would be pretty at day or night. This broke her curse making her think he was a perfect knight. In many cases it seems he is the king's right hand man. King Arthur is not stupid. He definitely chose Sir Gawain because he is as close to perfect as a knight could be. This got me thinking. Not only is loyalty a characteristic of a near perfect knight, but is also true in heart. Each of these characteristics have been proven countless times in the story, therefore, making Sir Gawain as near a Perfect Knight as one can be. One last example of a near perfect knight is the conqueror William the First (from 1066-1087 AD). For having mercy on the poor and a "take no prisoner" attitude for those that were greedy, his example is worthy of mention.

Thus my point is Sir Gawain is loyal, true at heart and a near perfect knight. He's loyal by showing the king that he would give his life up and marry someone so ugly. His signs of being true at heart are shown by the fact that he said he'd marry Dame Ragnell and he followed through with his actions. Lastly, his character proved he was a near perfect knight by giving Dame Ragnell sovereignty. Judging by these traits that sir Gawain possess, he seems like a good knight and an all around great person.