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After completing the simulation on the Elephant expedition I realized a few things. The first thing that I realized was how so very important attention to detail is. I have always been especially attentive, at least I thought, but after completing the simulation I realized that I probably wasn't be as attentive as I should have. It is very important as well to read and take many notes, so that later on some ideas can possibly help getting through certain decisions. Some of the other things that I realized was that I need a lot more practice when it comes to makes the steps work for my or the projects benefit. I had a hard time putting them in order but that also goes back, I feel, to knowing, understanding, and being familiar with the project. By being familiar and understanding what to work with it makes the process of knowing what steps to take a much easier process.

I also realized that to understand the strategies, tools, and techniques for project management one will need to understand what causes a project to succeed.

There were many different advantages and disadvantages that I came across with this simuationation in reference to Project Management and getting to better understand it. A major disadvantage is obviously the fact that it was a simulation and as far as coming up with ones own ideas or decisions they were given to us to choose from. Project Managements disadvantages in a whole are certain restrictions that may be imposed that make the process a more difficult one, budgets constraints, possible management conflicts, etc the list can go on of course getting more difficult depending on the type of project that is being delt with. As far as advantages one of the main ones to this...