Similarities and Differences in the US and Canadian political systems.

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The United States of America and Canada are so close on the map, one would think they are exactly the same politicaly and geographically. Today in this essay we will be covering the political similarities and differences between these two countries. We will begin by stating a few differences and similarities, then go in depth and realy learn how these two countries are different in some ways, and similar in other.

First we will be talking a little about political systems, which is how the countries are ruled, who makes the laws, and how different parts of the country are divided by political boundires and the how the governement is able to rule over several section of the country at once.

USA's political system is usualy defined as an "indirect democracy", which is a government where people express their will and rule the country through the officials they elect in voting process.

Canada however, is a country created by Britin, and uses what is called a "constitutional monarchy".A constitutional monarchy is defined as a form of government lead by an elected monarch as head of state established under a constitutional system. The USA has chosen another type of development and proclaimed a presidential republic.

Though there are some concepts copied by Canada from the USA, such as a written constitution for example, both countries stand on the constituently way of development. Both Canada and the USA have a federal system of government. Federalism is a form of government where by the constitutional right the power is divided between the national and local governments. In Canada, the smaller sub units are called provinces or territories and in the United States they are called states.

In the USA there are 50 state governments and the government the District of Columbia which is...