Shutdown at Eastland

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I feel that as soon as a business see's a potential problem in the business EVERYONE should be made aware of it. IF everyone is made aware of it, it can help the situation. Whether it is the employees looking for employment elsewhere, or working harder to attempt to save their jobs.

If employee chooses to find employment elsewhere, it will save the company severance pay, as well as benefits.

I would have been honest from the start. As soon as I even thought there was a problem, I would have let the entire company know right away. I would have kept them informed of the latest developments in the situation.

Myself, I would attempt to help them find employment, and I would workout a fair severance package.

Plant to Close

If I were closing the Eastland plant, I would give immediate notice that there was a potential for the plant to close.

I feel that employees have an interest in the company, and they deserve to be notified of any problem. I would offer to aid them in seeking employment elsewhere, as well as getting a severance package together, which includes benefits, not just money.

Everyone who has anything to do with the business is an interested stakeholder in my opinion. From the cleaning crew to the CEO, to the town that has depended on the company in their economics. I feel that everyone should be able to add their two cents into trying to reach a solution to the betterment of everyone in the community.

If an individual is responsible for the shut down, then he or she should have enough courage to admit it. People will be mad, but I feel that they would respect you for being brave enough to admit it. In a...