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It had been a long day at school for Joey, but finally it was home time. 'Thank God' she thought to herself. Tomorrow would be Friday Joeys last day at Fisk Street Primary School. Her parents Gwendolyn and Brenton were packing up and getting away from the small town of Whyalla, where Joey had grown up.

Joey was ten years old and in year six. She had shoulder length brown hair, her eyes were a mixture of green, blue and brown and she was five foot three in height. Joey's mother Gwen was forty-five years old, five foot eleven in height and had baby blue eyes whilst her father was six foot in height, brown hair and green eyes. Brenton had gotten a job in Victoria three months before and had left the small town to find a house and get started on his new job.

Gwen and Joey had stayed behind to sell their house, which they had built from scratch two years before.

The next day as Joey said goodbye to all her friends and shed a tear or two with her closest friends she thought, 'I can't believe I'm actually leaving this place, everything I've ever known is here.' She was upset, knowing that she'd never see her old friends again and that she'd have to make new ones, but she was also excited knowing that she'd get to make a new life in a new place.

As the removalists packed the last of their stuff into the van, Joey took one last look at the place she grew up in and got into the car. A few minutes later Joey and her mother reversed out of the driveway and they were off. Joey and her mother had a long drive ahead of...